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High School Graduations are the close in ones very significant chapter of life. Thus its a time of celebration and joy. Time not only to party but even more important start to assert one as an adult as well.

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Masculinity, Dress for Success, the outward appearance of charm, and the girl / young woman on his [ ours ] arm are the lasting impressions one wants to leave during this important time of transitions.

Restaurants and where to go after.

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Shangri-La has out grown its previous location at 156 E State Street. We are now relocated in our LARGE new store with more to choose in Center Ithaca. 171 E State Street (The Commons), Ithaca, NY.  Where we also offer great custom items, accents for your prom wear gown rentals at 10% discount for your prom. We also offer piano & harpsichord lessons - for more details call 607-272-5955.

Insure that your prom will be memorable with these exclusive fashions designed by China's up and coming fashions designer " Yoga. "You saw her gowns being worn by the Olympic Medal Award presenters in the Gold Medal Awards under the Swim category of competition."

Shangrila Sales Coupon for 10% off on all accents [scrafs, gloves, etc ] purchases.

Print then cut out below coupon.

10 % Off
On all accents ( scarfs, gloves, etc ) purchases for your prom gowns, or for future purchases. Expires October 1, 2009
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Must be validated during your prom gown rental only and signed by our sales personel. For more information about our fashions accents click on our logo below.

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